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What Is Velositol & Why Is It So Effective + 5 Huge Benefits

What Is Velositol & Why Is It So Effective + 5 Huge Benefits

Posted by MRI Performance on 3rd May 2021

The importance of protein is a well-understood concept in bodybuilding and even among the mainstream. It seems like most people understand that protein is essential for normal health and function. Protein’s importance goes to a much higher level when the talk turns to muscle growth. With that in mind, wouldn't it be great if you could increase the power of protein? Now you can. How? One word: Velositol®. What is Velositol, and why is it so beneficial? We’re about to find out. Ready? Let’s go!

What Is Velositol

Velositol is a patented ingredient that magnifies muscle protein synthesis when used with protein. Protein synthesis is critical because it’s a primary key to muscle growth and recovery. Velositol increases the function of the anabolic hormone insulin. This means more amino acids and nutrients are delivered to your muscles.

What Is Velositol Made Of?

Velositol consists of a patented complex of chromium picolinate and amylopectin. Chromium picolinate enhances the anabolic actions of insulin. It also increases nutrient metabolism. Amylopectin is a water-soluble polysaccharide that’s one of two components of starch. When combined, these compounds can cause significant stimulation of muscle protein synthesis.

How Does Velositol Work?

Chromium improves your muscle cell’s sensitivity to the anabolic effects of insulin. As noted, it also enhances the effects of insulin. The combination of chromium and amylopectin increases the ability of insulin to carry amino acids to muscle cells. This is connected to protein synthesis because they supply the necessary nutrients for muscle protein synthesis to occur.

Velositol Benefits

Here’s a look at five of the Velositol benefits:

  • Increases Muscle Protein Synthesis
  • Increases amino Acid Uptake Into Muscle Cells
  • Stimulates Muscle Growth By Doubling The Power Of Protein
  • Improves Recovery
  • Supports Body Composition

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What Is Muscle Protein Synthesis?

Muscle protein synthesis is the fundamental biological process by which individual cells build their specific proteins (1,2). You can look at it as the synthesis of new skeletal muscle proteins. When this happens due to correct nutrition and intense resistance exercise, it’s a direct trigger for muscle growth.

We know that muscle protein synthesis (MPS) is a process that stimulates muscle growth and enhances recovery. One dose of Velositol added to your protein powder has been clinically shown to increase MPS. Best of all, it does this more than exercise and protein do by themselves. More than stimulating muscle growth, Velositol enhances body composition. It also improves recovery by speeding up the body's ability to repair muscle damage caused by exercise.

The power of Velositol goes beyond whey protein. Velositol is also effective when it’s combined with plant proteins and BCAAs. With those kinds of benefits, it’s easy to see why there’s a lot of excitement about this compound.

What Stimulates Muscle Protein Synthesis

One of the benefits of protein is its ability to keep you in an anabolic environment. This prevents muscle protein breakdown. One way muscle growth occurs is if the rate of protein synthesis is consistently greater than the rate of protein breakdown. Therefore, protein intake is the key to remaining in the anabolic state required to stimulate protein synthesis. (3)

Another key to understanding protein synthesis is signaling pathways. The main signaling pathway is “mTOR,” or “mechanistic target of rapamycin.”

mTOR is a protein that is a master growth regulator. It senses the signals sent by correct nutrition and intense exercise. These signals increase the anabolic potential of the body. Of course, this includes muscle growth. In fact, mTOR is considered the primary switch that “turns on” protein synthesis, and consequently, muscle growth. (4,5,6).

So we see that protein synthesis is directly triggered by activating mTOR. In turn, this stimulates muscle growth. Three things activate mTOR:

  • Protein & Amino Acids (particularly leucine)
  • Growth Factors (Insulin, testosterone, IGF, growth hormone)
  • Mechanical stress (heavy training loads)

How Does Insulin Affect Muscle Protein Synthesis?

As you read this article, you may be wondering exactly how insulin affects muscle protein synthesis. After all, when it comes to muscle synthesis, you may be thinking more about the effects of protein or BCAAs. Not to mention the non-nutritional aspects of muscle protein synthesis, such as intense training.

However, one of the key ways Velositol benefits protein synthesis is by impacting insulin. Let’s take a closer look at what insulin is and what it does.

Insulin is a protein hormone. It’s one of the primary anabolic hormones that occur naturally in the body. When glucose levels rise above normal, the pancreas releases insulin. We know that carb consumption leading up to and surrounding your training sessions is important. This is because the muscles use carbs for energy.

They are also important regarding the activation of mTOR. Simple carbohydrates taken in during the hours around your workout will cause insulin spikes. This means a spike in insulin will enhance glucose absorption, utilization, ATP production, amino acid absorption, and protein synthesis. (7)

Velsoitol Research

Let’s look at two important Velositol studies.

Study #1: Velositol + BCAA


This was an early study conducted on 72 rats. This study used a single dose of Velositol in combination with one dose of BCAAs. The rats were 8-week old male Wistar rats (weighing 250-300 g). They were randomized into nine groups (8 in each group).

The rats were exercised at 26 m/min for 2 hours on the day of the single-dose study. Researchers then fed them protein or water based on their assigned group. One hour later, they were injected with a bolus dose (250 mg/kg body weight, 25 g/L) labeled phenylalanine. Ten minutes later, researchers took muscle tissue samples. They used these samples to measure the fractional rate of protein synthesis.


The rats given Velositol + BCAAs increased protein synthesis over the control group. This was the study that led researchers to believe Velositol may enhance the effects of whey protein. This is because whey typically has a high content of BCAAs. (8)

Study # 2: Velositol + Whey Protein


This was a randomized, double-blind, single-dose, active-controlled crossover study. This study has been published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Test subjects consisted of 10 men and women between 22-34 years old. The study's goal was to determine the benefit of Velositol with a 6g dose of whey protein isolate.

On two occasions, test subjects consumed either a single 2g dose of Velositol with a 6g dose of whey protein isolate or a 6g whey protein isolate alone. They performed eight sets of bilateral isotonic leg extensions. They used a load equal to 80% of each person’s estimated 1RM.

Test subjects avoided exercising for 72 hours before each testing session.

The study was conducted over eight hours. Three muscle biopsies were taken: at 2 hours, 4 hours, and 8 hours. These biopsies were used to measure muscle protein synthesis. There were 5-7 days between the two testing dates.


After researchers concluded this study, they determined that muscle protein synthesis increased in both groups. The fractional protein synthesis rate in the Velositol group increased by 48% over baseline compared to a 24% increase in the whey-only group. (9)

Here’s a chart documenting the results.

Is Velositol Safe

Velositol is completely safe. There have been no reported serious side effects from its use. Extensive safety studies were conducted as part of its Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) review. The ingredients contained in Velositol are approved as a Food Additive. Therefore Velositol can be used in foods such as protein powders, nutritional bars, and beverages. They are also approved safe to use in dietary supplements such as protein powders.

MRI Performance Hydro Whey Supplement

Now that we’ve taken a close look at Velositol, it’s time to look at the new MRI Performance protein powder,  Hydro Isolate Protein.

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Velositol Amplifies The Power Of Hydro Isolate Protein

As you can see, Hydro Isolate Protein is a concentrated whey protein. It contains a high amount of BCAAs, especially leucine. Of all the amino acids, leucine is the most anabolic of all. It’s a powerful muscle protein synthesis trigger. That’s important because MRI Performance Hydro Isolate Protein also contains Velositol. Talk about serious muscle protein synthesis stimulation!

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