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About MRI® Performance 

At Medical Research Institute, our team of pros vet the most effective, high-quality compounds available.  

We offer clinically effective doses to help athletes power through workouts and life with explosive power and perpetual pumps!

MRI Performance Is Back In Black® 

We live in the black.  While some are comfortable living in the red, falling behind, and losing ground, we never will be.  We stay in the black.  We gain ground, keep growing, and get stronger.  We stay in the positive and out of the negative. 

Life Is Too Short.  Get Back In Black®. 

Our two flagship supplements, NO2 Black and Black Powder, are both black.  When you open a can and take out a scoop, the powder is black; this isn’t a gimmick; it’s a reminder to live in the black, to get back in black®.  Every workout.  Every day.  

Are You Back In Black®? 

We Are MRI® 

We could go on and on about how professionals have trusted us for years; it’s unnecessary.  Check the labels; we’re not lying!  

  • Our formulas are more potent.  
  • Our servings are stronger.  
  • Our quality is unmatched.  

If you’re tired of buying supplements, hoping they’ll deliver, and then fall short, stick with us.  

We believe compromising quality is never an option.  For us, this means offering powerful dosages of the most effective ingredients that deliver big results. 

If you’re new to MRI Performance:  

1.  Get The Supplements You Need.  

2.  Crush Your Workouts.  

3.  Experience Explosive Power And Perpetual Pumps.  

MRI® Performance specializes in advanced, premium ingredient supplements to power athletes to crush their workouts and experience growth.

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