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Is The Hydromax Supplement Helpful & What Are Its Benefits?

Is The Hydromax Supplement Helpful & What Are Its Benefits?

Posted by MRI Performance on 20th Apr 2020

The hydromax supplement is popular with athletes, known for its ability to hydrate the body, increase endurance, and enhance the muscle pump that bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts seek.

Hydromax Glycerol is popular in sports nutrition because of its pump inducing ability. Because it is a water-attracting molecule, athletes use this supplement to fill their muscle cells with water.

HydroMax is a convenient way to deliver that all-important pump sensation to athletes engaged in powerlifting and bodybuilding or regular gym-goers looking for an edge. - Glanbia Nutritionals

For performance-focused athletes who need additional power to support their efforts, using a supplement that includes hydromax can further help them achieve their goals.

We chose to include Hydromax in the NO2 Black Powder for its pump-inducing and hyper-hydration benefits.  To view NO2 Black, Click Here.

What Is Hydromax Glycerol?

Hydromax glycerol is a natural water-attracting molecule from a high concentrate powder that is nearly 6x as potent as glycerol monostearate. It is a proprietary blend of glycerol and silica that can help improve your metabolism and increase cellular hydration.

While this proprietary supplement is most popular among athletes and bodybuilders, some people use it as a laxative to help draw water into the gut. Others use it for weight loss, skin hydration, and eye pressure reduction.

Glycerol itself is a syrup-like fluid that can increase the concentration of fluids and can help store fatty acids in the body.

Glyceral powder is most common as glycerol monostearate (GMS) and only contains 25% glycerol at most, the remaining compound is made of fat. HydroMax Glycerol is a patented, high concentrate powder form of glycerol and silica. Its potency is much greater as it contains 65% glycerol compared to GMS forms. 

This unique supplement provides superior hydration and is a must-include for pump pre-workout formulas.

How Do Hydromax Supplements Work?

As muscles contract while under tension during training, blood and hydration flow into the muscle cells which increases their volume and size. Because hydromax absorbs quickly it helps to readily distribute high amounts of fluid to the skeletal muscle.

This is helpful to athletes because of the increase in blood flow and hyper-hydration. As this increase happens it stimulates protein synthesis rather than breakdown. When vascularity expands (the pump) blood and fluids can quickly carry muscle-building amino acids and nutrients to help the muscle recover.

What Are the Benefits Of Using Hydromax Supplements?

Supplements containing hydromax can further support hydration, improve athletic performance, and increase muscle pumps while training.

Hydromax Glycerol Benefits:

  • Increase hydration
  • Improve blood flow
  • Greater muscle fullness and density
  • Bigger pumps
  • Greater endurance
  • Enhance performance
  • Increase power

Using Pre Workouts Supplements That Contain Hydromax

Hydromax delivers a stable and beneficial powder form that provides safe, new levels of hydration. This unique blend of glycerol and silica can help hydrate your muscles to support longer workouts. 

Additionally, the increase in fluid transportation can greatly increase muscle pumps and fullness.

Like most pre-workout supplements, you should consume 15-30 minutes before training. It is also important to drink plenty of water to help ensure the hydromax supplement has plenty of reserves to push water into the muscle cells.



Why Is My Pre Workout Clumpy?

Powder pre-workouts that include hygroscopic (moisture-absorbing) ingredients can attract water molecules in humid or even normal room temperatures.

Hydromax among other water-attracting ingredients can cause clumping, however, in most cases, it is nothing to worry about.

Below is a list of common hygroscopic ingredients:

Below are a few suggestions to help keep your pre-workout or hydromax supplement from clumping:

  • Use your supplement regularly, according to the recommended serving size
  • Keep the silica packet in the tub
  • Store your product in a dry and cool place

The MRI Performance NO2 Black formula is all about helping you power through your training with pump, energy, and vascularity. 

NO2 Black Pump is packed with Hydromax,  Nitrosigine and S7 to increase NO production, hydration, and dilation. NO2 Black can enhance blood flow to your muscles and fullness to your pump during your workouts.

We chose to include Hydromax within the Pump & Feed Formula aspect of NO2 Black because we are committed to providing quality products with superior ingredients.    NO2 Black has a 100% transparent label with no fillers or proprietary blends.

After researching available glycerol forms, Hydromax was the obvious choice.