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What is Hydromax?

What is Hydromax?

Posted by MRI Performance on Apr 20th 2020

Glycerol is a popular athletic supplement known for its ability hydrate athletes, increase endurance and provide that swell bodybuilders seek.Glycerol is a natural water attracting molecule. Some people use it for a laxative to draw water into the gut. Others use it for weight loss, skin hydration, training performance, eye pressure reduction and more. Glycerol is natural and most commonly helps draw in water, or helps other molecules draw in water.Glycerol itself is a syrup like fluid th … read more

What is Agmatine

Posted by MRI Performance on Mar 4th 2020

You may have seen this ingredient in your pre-workout or NO supplements, so its fair to assume it’s an effective sports nutrition ingredient, but what is agmatine, exactly?What is Agmatine?Agmatine is naturally produced by the body. It is derived from L-arginine through decarboxylation and is stored in neurons. It is often used to shield your brain from toxins and strokes, and helps protect against pain and depression. Because of its stored location in the brain, agmatine may enhance focus … read more
What is Nitrosigine ?

What is Nitrosigine ?

Posted by MRI Performance on Jul 19th 2019

Most everyone from beginner to advanced knows there is a positive correlation between Nitric Oxide and training results. It is associated with pump and fullness and vascularity. But what knowing what ingredients produce the best results is key to success. Nitrosigine is one of those ingredients.What is Nitrosigine?To understand nitrosigine, you must first understand arginine. Arginine is an amino acid that is a precursor to Nitric Oxide (NO). This means it is necessary to actually create NO … read more