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What Is L Citrulline + 9 Powerful Benefits For Pump & Health

What Is L Citrulline + 9 Powerful Benefits For Pump & Health

Posted by MRI Performance on 28th Apr 2020

When you think of l citrulline, you should think of one thing: amazing pumps. Citrulline is in most nitric oxide formulas and pre-workouts. Using citrulline for better pumps and improved performance has become common. Yet, it goes beyond amazing pumps, there are various benefits and uses for this powerful supplement to support your workout and health.

What Is L Citrulline?

L Citrulline is technically an alpha-amino acid that’s used in the urea cycle. This cycle also uses the amino acids l arginine and l ornithine. In the urea cycle, the body converts toxic levels of ammonia into urea, a byproduct that’s eliminated from the body.

Additionally, citrulline is a non-essential amino acid. This means you don’t have to get it from your diet. The body can manufacture it as needed. You may have noticed that it is not on the list of 20 common amino acids. This is because it’s not a stand-alone amino. It's converted by the body into l arginine.

9 L Citrulline Benefits


L Citrulline benefits include the following:

  • Increased Blood Flow & Nitric Oxide Production For Huge Pumps
  • Increased Nutrient & Oxygen Delivery To Muscles
  • Improved Workout Endurance
  • Reduced Training Fatigue
  • Helps Remove Ammonia From The Bloodstream
  • Supports Heart Health
  • Improved Erectile Dysfunction
  • Helps Decrease Blood Pressure
  • May Have Cognitive Benefits

3 L Citrulline Uses

1. L Citrulline Pre Workout For Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders can use an l citrulline pre-workout as a stand-alone product. However, it’s often included in pump formulas, such as MRI’s powerful pump booster NO2 Black. Regardless of how you use it, it's taken before training for the best results.

Ways L Citrulline Benefits Bodybuilding

L citrulline benefits bodybuilding because it increases blood flow and stimulates nitric oxide production. This means huge pumps. In addition, it means increased nutrient & oxygen delivery to the muscles. It also reduces fatigue and increases endurance so you can get more from your reps and sets.

Does L Citrulline Give You A Pump

There are several effective nitric oxide supplements on the market. However, l-citrulline is one of the most effective pump enhancers available. It works even better if it’s combined with other effective pump boosters. NO2 Black combines citrulline with several potent nitric oxide boosters and a cell volumizer.

L Arginine & L Citrulline

What is the l-arginine l citrulline connection? L Citrulline is used to produce  arginine, which helps stimulate increased levels of nitric oxide. Why not take arginine instead? The reason is that arginine does not absorb as well as citrulline.

On the other hand, citrulline bypasses digestion and goes right to the bloodstream. This means that citrulline does a better job of increasing arginine levels in the blood than arginine itself.

Let’s look at how the combination of l arginine l citrulline affects nitric oxide. As noted, the body converts dietary or supplemental l citrulline into arginine. The extra arginine stimulates greater levels of nitric oxide.

Taking this further, nitric oxide acts as a vasodilator. This improves blood flow by relaxing blood vessels. This causes them to open wider. As we have seen, better blood flow means more nutrients and oxygen and nutrients reach your working muscles.

In addition, it means increased removal of waste products. This reduces fatigue and improves exercise performance. It also means increased removal of waste products.

Citrulline works very well as a nitric oxide booster. That’s why it’s a standard ingredient in so many pre-workouts and pump enhancers. An l-citrulline pre-workout means it’s the primary nitric oxide booster in the formula. NO2 Black is the most potent pump product on the market. It’s extremely well-dosed with a 2-scoop serving providing a huge 8 grams. (2, 3)

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Citrulline & Citrulline Malate - What’s The Difference?

Many companies use l citrulline malate over pure l-citrulline. Malic acid is part of the Krebs cycle which impacts ATP production, thereby increasing endurance. While that can be helpful, an l-citrulline pre-workout is mainly used for pumps. That means pure l citrulline will get the job done far more effectively.

Looking at a 6g dose of l citrulline malate, the amount of pure l citrulline will be 50% or 3 grams. That’s only 3g pure citrulline. Why do that when you can get up to 8g pure l citrulline in NO2 Black? Not to mention, MRI Performance combines l citrulline with other pump boosters for the most insane pumps possible.

L Citrulline Dosage For Bodybuilding

The average dose of l citrulline in most bodybuilding products is 3-6g. Anything less than 4g will not be very effective, and you can take 10g or more without any problems. (4) That’s one reason NO2 Black is so effective, it uses very generous dosing. It also uses pure l citrulline, and it’s complexed with several proven pump enhancers.

2. L Citrulline For ED

We know that L citrulline is a vasodilator that stimulates nitric oxide production. It does this by relaxing blood vessels for greater blood flow. This includes more blood to the male genitals, resulting in a firmer erection. It has not been studied as a treatment for severe ED. However, it can help relieve mild ED symptoms. It also helps men maintain an erection.

L Citrulline For ED Study

There have been several studies regarding l citrulline and ED. Below is the results of one of those studies.


This study was conducted using 24 test subjects. The subjects were 55+ men who experienced mild erectile dysfunction. Test subjects received a placebo or 1.5g l citrulline per day for one month. Researchers tracked the erection hardness score, amount of sexual activity, treatment satisfaction, and negative effects.

Study Results

At the start of the study, test subjects had an initial ED score of 3. This indicates a mild level of hardness. Subjects given l citrulline improved their ED score to 4, which is normal hardness. Researchers concluded that l-citrulline can improve ED and increase erection hardness. (5)

L Citrulline Dose For ED

The suggested l citrulline dose for ED is 3-5 grams. This is roughly the same dose used in many pre-workouts and pump formulas. A common dosing protocol is to take 1.5-2g l citrulline evenly divided throughout the day.

3. L Citrulline For Nitric Oxide Boosting Effects



Does L Citrulline Increase Nitric Oxide?

L Citrulline increases nitric oxide effectively but it does it indirectly. In the body, l citrulline is converted into arginine through the l citrulline-N.O. cycle. As noted, once converted, l citrulline increases nitric oxide production more effectively than l arginine can.

Do Supplements Contain Nitric Oxide?

Supplements do not contain nitric oxide itself. They contain ingredients such as l citrulline that increase the production of nitric oxide. The best supplements use a complex of several ingredients. NO2 Black uses 5 ingredients to boost nitric oxide.

The Best Time To Take L Citrulline

The best time to take l-citrulline depends on the desired use. We’ve seen the best way to take it for erectile dysfunction. L Citrulline for ED should be taken three times a day. It does not have to be taken with food.

This dosing protocol can also be used if taking citrulline for general health issues, such as lowering blood pressure. Increased blood flow improves circulation, reduces blood pressure, and supports heart health.

NO2 Black & Black Powder - The L Citrulline Pre Workout Stack

For training use, citrulline should be taken as part of your pre-workout. It can also be taken as part of a pump product, or as a stand-alone product. The best way to take l-citrulline is by stacking NO2 Black with Black Powder with NO2 Black.

MRI Performance NO2 Black is a powerful pump enhancer featuring flexible dosing. One scoop provides a generous 4g l-citrulline. This is the best dosage for beginners.

Once you're a little more advanced, you can use two scoops for a huge l citrulline dosage of 8g. This is one of the biggest doses you will find in any product currently available.

Black Powder is our advanced pre-workout. Here’s a formula that effectively covers all your training needs, including pumps. By stacking NO2 Black with Black Powder, you will experience exceptional energy, focus, endurance, and performance.



The two-product combination of pump ingredients is substantial. In fact, it’s the most effective combination of nitric oxide-producing ingredients and cell volumizers on the market, period.

This stack is for serious bodybuilders and athletes that want the absolute best pre-workout and pump combo on the market. Are you ready for it?