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4 Powerful elevATP Benefits + What It Is & Effective Dosages

4 Powerful elevATP Benefits + What It Is & Effective Dosages

Posted by MRI Performance on 27th Apr 2021

What is ATP or adenosine triphosphate? It’s known as the primary energy system used by the muscles when you workout. However, don't mistake ATP energy with energy produced by the central nervous system from caffeine. ATP is cellular energy, and it’s generated by the mitochondria.

Bottom line, if you want to power through your most intense workouts, you’ll need plenty of ATP. This is why an ATP supplement such as elevATP can be so beneficial. This article will look at elevATP®, what it is, the effective dosages, and the benefits.

What Is elevATP?


elevATP is a clinically studied complex that consists of ancient peat and apple skin extracts. It stimulates your body’s internal production of ATP (or adenosine triphosphate). As noted, ATP is the muscle cell’s source of energy. Therefore, elevATP® promotes increased power, strength, and performance in bodybuilders and athletes.

What Is Ancient Peat?

Ancient peat (or fossilized plants) contains 70 total elements. It’s rich in nitrogen, magnesium, carbon, oxygen, and sulfur. Trace minerals have important roles in the production of cellular energy. As an example, several enzymes use magnesium to produce ATP. Besides ancient peat, elevATP contains apple extract. It comes from apple peel and contains 10 apple polyphenols.

In a clinical trial on 48 physically active men, taking 500 mg apple polyphenols the preceding evening and 1 hour before a high-endurance aerobic test extended the maximal performance time and delayed fatigue perception. -

Apple polyphenols may seem insignificant but when utilized can serve as powerful performance boosting agents.

What Are The Benefits Of ATP

When used in combination with a well-designed resistance-training program that emphasizes progressive overload, elevATP:

  • Increases The Body’s Production Of ATP
  • Supports Lean Muscle And Strength Gains
  • Enhances Training Volume And Power Output
  • Improves Athletic Performance And Body Composition

As you can see, elevATP has an impressive array of benefits. They can make a big difference in your training results.

What Do ATP Supplements Do?

We’ve seen that elevATP stimulates ATP production in the body. ATP is the primary energy source used by the muscles when performing short bursts of exercise. The more ATP that’s available, the better you can perform. Clinical studies reveal that ATP supplementation results in increased power output, training volume, and performance. Additionally, elevATP supplementation increases lean muscle growth and enhances body composition.

How Does elevATP Build Muscle?

There are a few mechanisms that suggest how elevATP may stimulate muscle gains. They include the following:

  • Stimulates Blood Flow.
  • Increases Muscular Excitability.
  • Enhances Signal Transduction In The Muscle Cells. (1)

These mechanisms lead to increased ATP in the muscles. This provides the muscles with the energy they need to contract. More available ATP means the muscles can work longer and with more intensity. This means you have a more productive workout. Additionally, some research suggests elevATP may enhance protein synthesis. This is one of the most potent direct triggers of muscle growth.

elevATP Studies & Results

Here’s a breakdown of three important elevATP research studies.

Study #1: Parameters

This study was conducted on 20 healthy, fasted, and rested adult test subjects. This was an acute, placebo-controlled, single-dose crossover study. On the first day, test subjects received a placebo. On the second day, they received a single 150 mg dose of elevATP.

Researchers collected blood immediately before ingestion. They collected blood again at 60 and 120 minutes after ingestion. Whole blood ATP, plasma ATP, hemoglobin, blood lactate, and blood glucose levels were collected. Then a muscle biopsy was performed on one test subject before, 60 minutes after, and 120 minutes after.


Researchers discovered that elevATP increased levels of whole blood ATP by 40% after 60 minutes of ingestion. (2)

Study #2: Parameters

This was a 12-week study conducted on 25 healthy, resistance-trained male test subjects. These test subjects received either 150 mg of elevATP or 150mg of a visually identical placebo. They received this dosage every day for the entire 12-week study.

Resistance training was supervised and consisted of 8 weeks of a daily periodized training program. This was followed by a 2-week overreach program and a 2-week taper phase. The test subjects determined strength by using 1RM in the squat, deadlift, and bench press (BP). Their determined peak power and peak velocity during the bench press at 30% 1RM. There were vertical jump tests and a 30s Wingate test. This test provided relative power (watt: mass).


There was a group x time interaction for squat 1RM, deadlift 1RM, vertical jump peak power, and peak velocity. At the end of the study, subjects given elevATP increased their Squat and deadlift 1RM compared to placebo.

At the end of week 10, vertical jump peak velocity and peak power increased in subjects using elevATP compared to placebo. Wingate peak power and watt: mass favored subjects taking elevATP.

Researchers concluded that supplementing with elevATP while engaging in periodized resistance training will enhance performance adaptations. (3)

Study #3: Parameters

This study utilized elevATP combined with timed-release caffeine. This is similar to using a pre-workout. This 12-week study was conducted using 21 resistance-trained test subjects. Test subjects received one 150mg serving of elevATP with one serving of a 180mg caffeine blend. This blend included 38mg B vitamins. Or, some subjects received an equal dose, visually-identical placebo. Both groups received their daily dose 45 min before their workout. On off days, all subjects received their dose at the same time of day.

Resistance training was supervised and consisted of 8 weeks of daily periodized training. This was followed by a 2-week overreach program and a 2-week taper phase. Body composition assessment took place at weeks 0, 4, 8, 10, and 12 and used DEXA and ultrasound. Blood markers and vital signs assessments took place at weeks 0, 8, and 12.


There were group x time (p < 0.05) interactions present for the cross-sectional area of the rectus femoris. This area increased in subjects using elevATP + caffeine (+1.07 cm2) compared to placebo subjects (−0.08 cm2). The same occurred for muscle thickness (elevATP + caffeine : +0.49 cm; Placebo: +0.04 cm). There was a significant group x time (p < 0.05) interaction for creatinine (elevATP + caffeine: +0.00 mg/dL; Placebo: +0.15 mg/dL). (4)

The researchers concluded that elevATP + caffeine supplementation enhanced resistance training-induced skeletal muscle hypertrophy with no adverse effects on blood chemistry.

Adenosine Triphosphate Production - A Quick Review

Let’s briefly review how ATP works in the body. This is important if you want to get the most out of your training. Muscles use stored energy from our food, mainly carbohydrates. Food is converted and stored to meet the energy needs of the body. Energy is needed to fuel physical activity, growth, and recovery.

As stated, ATP is the energy used to power muscular contractions. ATP is high-energy and functions as an instant energy source in muscle cells. When your muscles contract, they break down ATP. Here’s the thing, which is why elevATP is so helpful, muscle cells store enough ATP for about 10 seconds of contraction.

This means that when you begin to train, the muscles need to make more ASTP quickly. There several different ways the body has to make more adenosine triphosphate. These systems work together and are, in order:

  • Creatine Phosphate
  • Glycogen (or anaerobic glycolysis)
  • Aerobic respiration (or aerobic glycolysis lipolysis)

We won’t go into the detail of each system. Suffice to say that the addition of elevATP in your pre-workout can make a difference in your muscle’s available energy. The more energy, the better your workout.

What Supplements Increase ATP?

The best supplement with elevATP is MRI Performance Black Powder Pre-Workout. Black Powder is a complete, well-balanced pre-workout with full disclosure labeling and flexible dosing. Users get to choose their strength level. One scoop provides a good starting dosage, while two scoops provide at least full clinical dosing.


What Is The elevATP Effective Dosage?

The effective, clinically studied dose of elevATP is 150mg. Are you new to using a pre-workout? Do you want a little less caffeine? Then one scoop is the dose for you. Are you an experienced pre-workout user? Do you want a full-strength pre-workout? Then you will want the full 2 scoop serving.

As far as elevATP, a 2-scoop serving provides the full clinical strength of 150mg. This is the most effective dose of elevATP. It makes sense to use the full dose to enhance adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production. The muscles use up available ATP quickly. This means you will need to replenish it quickly.

elevATP Vs. Every Other ATP Supplement

Other products increase ATP energy too. However, there’s only one ATP supplement that consists of ancient peat and apple extracts. There can be no doubt, elevATP stands alone as the premier ATP-enhancing supplement. Give it a try - order Black Powder Pre-Workout today. While you’re here, pick up NO2 Black for the ultimate pre-workout stack!

The MRI Performance Black Powder formula is all about helping you build, focus on, and endure your next workout. We chose to include AlphaSize in the Lock & Load Focus matrix within the Black Powder pre-workout because we are committed to quality products with superior ingredients. Black Powder Pre-Workout has a 100% transparent label with no fillers or proprietary blends.

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