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What is Creatine Magnapower?

What is Creatine Magnapower?

Posted by MRI Performance on Jul 13th 2020

What is Creatine Magnapower?

Creatine is a common term in the athletic world. It is likely the most well-researched supplement with studies supporting that it builds lean muscle, improves recovery, increases endurance and helps provide pump during training.

Creatine is a precursor to phosphocreatine. The latter helps to make ATP.

ATP is energy muscles use to work and build. As such, when supplementing with creatine, you are providing your body with more of the necessary compounds needed to make energy.

How Does Creatine Work

Aside from converting to phosphocreatine, Creatine is hydrophilic; it attracts water molecules into the muscle cells and expands the volume stored in them. This provides that pumped or swollen appearance during training, and keeps your muscles stocked with water.

That said, what’s better about Creatine Magnapower?

What is Creatine Magnapower

Creatine Magnapower is magnesium-chelated creatine. This means the creatine is bound to magnesium.

This chelated structure aids in increased absorption which improves the body's capacity to make ATP, improves carb digestion and creatine bioavailability.

Creatine Magnapower also supplies the magnesium molecules required to build ATP Cycle. This enables the body to keep up a higher ATP production, enhances performance, endurance and can increase anabolic results.

Also, since carbs are suggested post-exercise, Creatine Magnapower carbs can aid in the digestion of both to help expedite the benefits of creatine and magnesium.

That's why MRI Performance Black Powder has 1,500 mg of Creatine Magnapower in every scoop so you can crush your goals.

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