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8 Powerful Effervescent Vitamin C Benefits + FAQ's Answered

8 Powerful Effervescent Vitamin C Benefits + FAQ's Answered

Posted by MRI Performance on 23rd Mar 2021

If there ever was a time to be concerned about your immune system, this is is A healthy immune system is more important now than it’s maybe ever been. Any good immune supplement should start with vitamin C. Yet the last thing you want is a generic drugstore vitamin, when you can use vitamin C effervescent powder for optimal absorption.

Starting with Vitamin C is a solid base for adding more nutrients like zinc and other vitamins, such as the B-complex. This article will dig into powerful Vitamin C effervescent benefits plus zinc and B vitamin benefits too. Furthermore, we will introduce you to the most effective effervescent vitamin C formula available - Immuni-V. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

What Does Effervescent Mean?

Effervescent powder or tablets dissolve in water and release carbon dioxide. A well-designed effervescent powder allows a large dose of nutrients to be ingested in one serving. Additionally, absorption is dramatically improved over large tablets or capsules. Also, the nutrients in an effervescent powder are more stable than a tablet or capsule formula.

There are two reasons MRI Performance decided to make Immuni-V an effervescent vitamin C powder. The first reason is that carbon dioxide improves absorption. 

What’s the second reason? Effervescent powder sets the proper pH in the stomach for better absorption. Also, there are no extra ingredients needed to make tablets or capsules. This means we can create a powerful formula that’s generously dosed for maximum effect.

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Is Effervescent The Same As Carbonated?

Both effervescent and carbonated supplements use carbon dioxide. However, effervescent is a reaction to carbonation. Effervescence is the fizz that is produced from products like a vitamin C effervescent powder when it reacts to water. In contrast, carbonation is the effect of adding carbon dioxide to a liquid.

What Does Vitamin C Effervescent Do?

Effervescent Vitamin C is delivered faster to the body and absorbs more efficiently. Vitamin C in any form is a well-known antioxidant. It helps your immune system stay healthy. It also combats viral infections such as the common cold and flu. Also, among other benefits, vitamin C supports cardiovascular health and promotes healthy skin.

Is Effervescent Vitamin C Better Than Tablets?

We know that effervescent vitamin C is better than tablets or capsules because it absorbs faster. Let’s face it, it’s all about absorption. Also, an effervescent powder is a better choice for people that don’t like swallowing large pills. Finally, many effervescent vitamin C formulas taste delicious.

Many companies make effervescent tablets, but an effervescent powder like Immuni-V is a better approach. You can tailor the dose more easily by simply using a half scoop. Additionally, it’s a refreshing, delicious fruit-flavored beverage that packs a powerful immune-boosting punch.

What Is The Difference Between Effervescent Vitamin C And Regular Tablets

The main difference between effervescent vitamin c and regular tablets is the delivery system. An effervescent powder delivers the nutrients faster and in a larger dose. As noted above, regular vitamin tablets and capsules can be hard to swallow. Also, large pills take a long time to break down in the body and absorb. 

In fact, there have been questions about how much of the tablet actually absorbs. Since they are liquid, an effervescent powder supplying vitamin C or effervescent multivitamins will absorb significantly better. (1)

Immuni-V supplies a vitamin C 1500mg dose per serving. You’d have to take several large pills to equal the 2500mg dose found in Immuni-V.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Effervescent Vitamin C Powder?

Here’s a list of the 8 main benefits of using a Vitamin C effervescent powder:

  • Effervescent Powder Has A 100% Rate Of Absorption
  • Convenient Alternative To Individuals That Have Trouble Swallowing
  • No Huge Tablets Or Capsules
  • Fast Nutrient Delivery
  • There’s No Gastric Discomfort
  • Improved Hydration - Better Performance
  • Delicious Taste - Many Companies Offer Fruity Flavors
  • Easy To Use - No Mess

Immuni-V - The Ultimate Effervescent Immune Booster

MRI Performance has created the ultimate immune system booster with Immuni-V. This potent Vitamin C effervescent powder contains a hefty 1500mg dose. That’s more vitamin C than you’ll find in 21 oranges.

orange effervescent vitamin c powder

There are also well-dosed B-complex vitamins. This includes potent doses of vitamin B6 and B12. Also, there’s zinc, an effective immune-enhancer, and electrolyte minerals. Of course, Immuni-V features a transparent label and generously-dosed formula.

This combination of nutrients strengthens the immune system and fights free radicals. Thanks to the addition of zinc, it improves protein metabolism and supports testosterone production. With the complete B-complex added, Immuni-V supports cellular energy, enhances cognitive function, and eases anxiety.

Immuni-V Effervescent Powder also contains electrolytes for hydration. You can use it pre or post-workout. Or, use it before an athletic event to replace electrolytes lost in sweat. Immuni-V dissolves quickly in water. Finally, it’s sweetened with stevia, and it tastes amazing! These benefits make Immuni-V an important addition to your supplement arsenal.

Effervescent Vitamin C Benefits

Effervescent Vitamin C has the following benefits (2, 3):

  • It’s Essential For The Development, Repair, And Growth Of The Tissues Of The Body.
  • Vitamin C Supports Immune Health
  • It Promotes Collagen Formation
  • Vitamin C Helps Maintain Healthy Teeth, Bones, And Cartilage
  • It Supports Healthy Skin
  • It Promotes Wound Healing
  • C Protects The Body Against Disease
  • It Fights Oxidative Damage
  • C Prevents Scurvy
  • Vitamin C Supports Calcium Absorption For Healthier Bones

Effervescent Zinc Benefits

Who hasn’t used zinc and vitamin C lozenges when feeling a cold coming on? Zinc is a popular immune booster that is sold by itself or often combined with vitamin C. Here’s the most common effervescent zinc benefits (4):

  • Zinc Supports Immune Health
  • It Lowers Oxidative Stress
  • Zinc Promotes Wound Healing By Working Synergistically With Vitamin C
  • It Helps Reduce Whole-body Inflammation
  • Zinc Supports Testosterone Production, Making It Popular Among Bodybuilders.

In addition to Zinc, Immuni-V also contains B6 and magnesium, thereby making up the three ingredients found in ZMA. Note that these are not the same forms of these compounds most ZMA products use.

Effervescent Vitamin B-Complex Benefits

The B-complex is a water-soluble family of eight vitamins. Here are the most common benefits of vitamin B (5):

  • B Vitamins Help Convert Food Into Energy
  • The B’s Help Fight Anxiety
  • They Ease Stress
  • The B Vitamins Elevate Mood And Are Important For Cognitive Function
  • B Vitamins Promote A Healthy Immune System

Effervescent Vitamin B6 Benefits

We have seen that B vitamins support cognitive function, and help the body convert food into energy. Vitamin B6 not only does these things, but it also supports normal immune health and function in older adults. That makes it a valuable addition to Immuni-V Effervescent Powder.

Effervescent Electrolyte Benefits

Electrolytes supplements consist of minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Electrolytes have numerous benefits, including:

  • They Regulate And Control The Balance Of Fluids In The Body
  • These Minerals Are Involved In Regulating Blood Pressure - This Is Important For Heart Health
  • Electrolytes Are Required For Muscle Contraction
  • They Are Required For Normal Brain Function
  • They Regulate The Body’s PH Levels

How Much Effervescent Vitamin C Should I Take Daily?

The upper limit is 2g per day and should be taken in divided dosages. Too much vitamin C at once can cause extreme gastric distress. However, this is a temporary effect. Still, it’s important to divide your C intake over 2-3 daily doses, taken 4-5 hours apart. For example, you can take your C with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

How Often Can Effervescent Vitamin C Be Used?

We know vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient and is therefore not stored in the body. That means it should be taken every day. In the case of Immuni-V, one scoop provides 1500mg of vitamin C.

You can divide your dose in half if you prefer. This supplies 750mg of C per dose, or you can take it once per day. The best time to take it is in the morning.

Immuni-V - The Ultimate Effervescent Vitamin C

Immuni-V is the most complete immune-boosting product on the market. It’s more than just an effervescent vitamin C or even an effervescent multivitamin. Immuni-V provides everything you need to maintain a healthy immune system.

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The Immuni-V Immune Stack

As noted Effervescent Immuni-V has powerful antioxidant benefits and performance-enhancing benefits. It’s designed to be a powerful addition to your supplement arsenal. 

Your complete supplement program should include Black Powder and NO2 Black. This provides a powerful workout stack that will promote dramatic pumps and improved performance. You can also expect insane energy and elevated focus.

How To Set Up Your Immuni-V Immune Stack

First, you’ll need an MRI 32oz Shaker Cup. This advanced Shaker features a wide-mouth and advanced mixing for easy on-the-go use. Best of all, it won’t leak.

Second, consume one serving of effervescent vitamin C-based Immuni-V per day. You can take it before breakfast, or mid-morning. If you prefer, take half a scoop in the morning. Take another half a scoop an hour after dinner.

Third, stack Black Powder and NO2 Black. Take with 8-10oz cold water 30 minutes before your workout. Get ready for an amazing training session with this potent combination.

Finally, for maximum immune protection, enhanced protein metabolism and testosterone support, stack MRI Zinc capsules with Immuni-V.

MRI Performance gives you what you need for optimal immune health with Immuni-V effervescent powder. Good health should be the foundation of your supplement program. There can be no doubt that effervescent vitamin C supports immune health. In this day and age, that couldn’t be more critical.

Now that your foundation is rock-solid, it’s time to add Black Powder and NO2 Black. Experience better training performance and results by targeting your overall health and well-being!

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