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8 Caffeine Free Pre Workout Benefits + Who Should Use Them

8 Caffeine Free Pre Workout Benefits + Who Should Use Them

Posted by MRI Performance on 5th Feb 2022

There are several reasons why someone may choose a caffeine free pre workout. The truth is, it’s not always due to a dislike of caffeine. It may be due to one or more other factors. This may include the time of day you train. It may also include the amount of coffee or energy drinks you use during the day. These two factors alone may lead you to choose a pre workout without caffeine.

In this article, we’ll look at caffeine free pre workout uses & benefits. We’ll also take a close look at the best caffeine free pre workout on the market.

Let’s go!

What Is Caffeine Free Pre Workout

A caffeine free pre workout is a subcategory of pre workouts supplements that do not contain any caffeine or other stimulants. They are a good choice for anyone that trains late in the day or is sensitive to caffeine. These are not the only reasons to use a caffeine free pre workout. These are, however, two of the primary reasons.

What Do Caffeine Free Pre Workouts Do

A non caffeine pre workout features pump ingredients instead of caffeine and other stimulants. The  best caffeine free pre workout contains both nitric oxide boosters and cell volumizers. This promotes water-based pumps as well as pumps caused by increased blood flow.

A pre workout without caffeine has other benefits. They speed nutrient delivery to your muscles while you’re training. This is due to increased blood flow caused by nitric oxide production. 

The increase in blood flow also means waste products are removed faster. This means improved endurance and performance in the gym.

8 Benefits Of Caffeine Free Pre Workout

For some individuals, using a high caffeine, high stim pre workout can cause several problems. If you take it too late in the day, you may not sleep well. Yet, this may be the only time you can train. 

In addition, some individuals may not respond well to caffeine or stimulants. Therefore, in both cases, supplementing with a non caffeine pre workout makes sense.

Besides the reasons previously mentioned, there are additional  benefits to using a caffeine free pre workout. Below are eight:

  • No Sleepless Nights Caused By High Caffeine Pre Workouts
  • No Jitters
  • No Mid Workout Crash
  • Huge Pumps
  • Increased Muscle Fullness
  • Enhanced Hydration
  • Improved Nutrient And Oxygen Delivery
  • Increased Performance And Endurance

Do you use a caffeine pre-workout? Adding a caffeine free pre workout to your regimen can offer additional benefits to your training:

  • Helps Avoid Tolerance Build Up To Caffeine And Stimulants
  • Caffeine Free Pre Workouts Can Be Useful For Light Training Sessions

What Is The Best Caffeine Free Pre Workout?

The best caffeine free pre workout is NO2 Black Muscle Pump. This potent formula features nitric oxide boosters and a powerful cell volumizing ingredient. It triggers both kinds of pumps: water-based and nitric oxide-based. No caffeine? No problem. This is the caffeine free pre workout that will give you the best pumps you've ever had!

NO2 Black contains the seven most effective pump boosters in one outstanding formula. This product features a fully disclosed label for full transparency. There are no prop blends in NO2 Black! What you will find is an extremely effective formula. It starts with pure  l-citrulline for maximum pumps. There’s none of this 50-50 stuff with malic acid.

Of the seven ingredients, there are three patented ingredients. These are HydroMax Glycerol, Nitrosigine, and S7. Also, NO2 Black contains agmatine and ornithine. Plus, there’s activated charcoal as a detox agent. Talk about an effective pre workout without caffeine!

Are Caffeine Free Pre Workouts Effective?

The short answer is yes. A caffeine free pre workout is an effective tool for better workouts. The lack of caffeine and stims in NO2 Black does not make it ineffective. No doubt, the buzz you get from caffeine can give you more energy. Still, you don’t need a caffeine buzz to work hard in the gym.

A good pump booster such as NO2 Black can help. The ingredient combination makes a big difference in your performance. It also improves endurance.

Cycling A Caffeine Free Pre Workout

There’s another way a caffeine free pre workout can be effective if it's cycled with a caffeine-based pre-workout such as Black Powder. Let’s face it, no matter how good a pre-workout is; tolerance is an issue. Let’s be clear; Black Powder is the best caffeine pre-workout on the market. Still, no matter what stim-based pre-workout you use, you will build a tolerance.

Tolerance to a supplement will lessen its immediate benefits for you. Therefore, cycle a caffeine free pre workout with your regular pre-workout to avoid building a tolerance. Another reason to use a caffeine free pre-workout is if you prefer to drink a lot of coffee during the day. In this case, there’s no reason to add more caffeine/stims to your daily total.

Caffeine Free Pre Workout And Hydration

Hydromax Glycerol is an osmolyte that helps increase water content in the body. As glycerol increases water volume in the body, this leads to a well-hydrated state. It also leads to extreme muscle fullness. This is where several terms come from. These terms are “cell volumizer,” water-based pumps” and hyper-hydration.” (1, 2)

This state of “hyper-hydration” leads to real workout benefits. Endurance will increase. You are already hydrated before you work out. This makes staying hydrated throughout your training session easier. 

Of course, there are the pumps. NO2 Black creates skin-splitting nitric oxide pumps. Hydromax also causes water-based pumps. Imagine a water hose stuck into your muscles, and you get the idea! After all, with NO2 Black, an amazing pump is what it’s all about!

Light Training Days And A Caffeine Free Pre Workout

In this article, we have looked at several ways you can use a caffeine free pre workout. Here’s one more. Use the best caffeine free pre workout, NO2 Black, on light training days. On heavy days, use the best caffeine pre-workout, Black Powder.

In this way, you’re cycling your caffeine pre-workout. You’re saving it for those days when brutal training calls for something more. You can even stack NO2 Black with Black Powder on your tough days. But, if you’re doing a light session, there’s no need for a lot of caffeine. Use NO2 Black on a training day like this. Also, if you’re training quickly with higher reps, the pump you get will be mind-numbing.

Is A Caffeine Pre Workout Right For You?

Is a caffeine free pre workout the right choice? It is if you do not want the harshness of stimulants. Caffeine can cause undesirable effects. Who wants to train if they’re jittery? Not to mention, no one wants to crash halfway through their workout. Also, if you train late, why lay awake half the night? These are all problems caused by high caffeine pre-workouts.

What if you don’t have a problem with caffeine? Maybe you work out too late to use it. This is common. By the time you get home from work, it's late. By the time you’re ready to train, it's even later. At this point, caffeine is not a good idea.

The MRI Pre-Workout Stack

During the weekend you may have more time to train whenever you want. If you like caffeine and train early on the weekend, we have a stack for you! Think of this as your “Weekend Warrior” stack. We’re talking about NO2 Black Muscle Pump and Black Powder Pre Workout. Now you can have the best caffeine free pre-workout and the best caffeine pre-workout!

Is it the start of a new week? You’re probably back to training after work. Or for those who want to avoid stimulants, keep using NO2 Black, alternating pre workouts is a great strategy. Or, you can use both of our superior products for the ultimate workout experience.

What if you can’t use caffeine? Then as mentioned, you can use NO2 Black every time you step into the gym. You won’t be disappointed. You will experience great pumps and enhanced performance.


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Using A Caffeine Free Pre Workout

We’ve looked at caffeine free pre workout uses and benefits. We’ve also seen how you can combine a non caffeine pre workout with one that contains caffeine.

What have we discovered? That there are many ways to use a pre-workout without caffeine. You don’t have to be someone that doesn’t like caffeine. You can benefit from a non caffeine pre workout for several reasons.

A caffeine free pre workout can help you achieve better training sessions. That’s true regardless of why you use it. Don’t forget, MRI Performance has something for everybody. 

We have the best non caffeine pre workout on the market. We also have the best caffeine pre-workout.

Shop MRI Performance for all your pre-workout needs!