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Why Does MRI Performance NO2 Contain Activated Charcoal

Why Does MRI Performance NO2 Contain Activated Charcoal

Posted by Medical Research Institute on 8th Sep 2022

Charcoal is most commonly associated with grilling food. However, activated charcoal is also often used as a detoxifying or overdose agent. Activated charcoal absorbs toxins in the body and removes them through the digestive system. NO2 Black Muscle Pump is a product that uses charcoal to create pumps. Nitrogen oxide (NO) is a potent vasodilator, meaning it causes muscles to contract by expanding blood vessels. 

This results in more blood flow to muscles, which leads to increased Nutrient uptake, cell volumization, and glycogen storage. The citrulline in NO2 Black also plays a role in muscular pumps by converting to arginine, which is then used to make nitric oxide. Ultimately, the combination of these ingredients makes NO2 Black an effective product for achieving pumps.