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What is Activated Charcoal

Posted by MRI Performance on 4th Mar 2020

Charcoal. Most of us think of grilling burgers when we think of charcoal.

You definitely wouldn’t think “Lemme eat that.”

But activated charcoal is often used as a detoxifying or overdose agent.

What is Activated Charcoal

Charcoal is made using various substances including coal and wood. Through exposure to high temperatures, it becomes an activated form.

Charcoal attracts poisons and toxins to its molecules and they bind to it. When this occurs, it breaks the chain of toxins and your body purges them through digestion and excretion.

Hospitals have used it in poisoning or overdose cases.

Others choose to use it as a detoxifier to attract undesirable toxins in their body to ‘cleanse’.

MRI Performance Black Powder has Activated Charcoal

Black Powder contains activated charcoal in low doses to act as a detoxifier.

It also gives the supplement that iconic coloring of “Black Powder”.

In low doses it can be beneficial to the body and fitness plan.

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