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What is Betaine?

Posted by MRI Performance on Mar 17th 2020

So you looked at your supplement panel and noticed a long word that may be hard to pronounce.The name’s Anhydrous, Betaine Anhydrous. *cue the bond music*Betaine Anhydrous, or betaine for short, isn’t who you think it is. It’s really glycine, an amino acid, with three methyl groups attached to it. Tricky little molecule going all undercover on us.Betaine also has another alias: trimethylglycine (TMG). See what they did there? Three methyls=trimethyl. Ooooh so smart.Stick with us here, th … read more

What is Alphasize?

Posted by MRI Performance on Mar 4th 2020

AlphaSize®, also a choline compound, is rapidly absorbed to engage your mind from first rep to last lift.*AlphaSize® Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC), is an advanced choline compound that is able to enhance brain metabolism which other choline sources cannot because they don’t cross the brain barrier.AlphaSize A-GPC is used for improving focus, memory, cognitive performance and sports performance.Because of its compounded form, AlphaSize A-GPC is considered a choline donor with hi … read more

What is Activated Charcoal

Posted by MRI Performance on Mar 4th 2020

Charcoal. Most of us think of grilling burgers when we think of charcoal.You definitely wouldn’t think “Lemme eat that.”But activated charcoal is often used as a detoxifying or overdose agent.What is Activated CharcoalCharcoal is made using various substances including coal and wood. Through exposure to high temperatures, it becomes an activated form. Charcoal attracts poisons and toxins to its molecules and they bind to it. When this occurs, it breaks the chain of toxins and your body … read more

What is Agmatine

Posted by MRI Performance on Mar 4th 2020

You may have seen this ingredient in your pre-workout or NO supplements, so its fair to assume it’s an effective sports nutrition ingredient, but what is agmatine, exactly?What is Agmatine?Agmatine is naturally produced by the body. It is derived from L-arginine through decarboxylation and is stored in neurons. It is often used to shield your brain from toxins and strokes, and helps protect against pain and depression. Because of its stored location in the brain, agmatine may enhance focus … read more
What is Creatine Magnapower?

What is Creatine Magnapower?

Posted by MRI Performance on Sep 24th 2019

What is Creatine Magnapower?Creatine is a common term in the athletic world. It is likely the most well-researched supplement with studies supporting that it builds lean muscle, improves recovery, increases endurance and helps provide pump during training. Creatine is a precursor to phosphorcreatine. The latter helps to make ATP.ATP is energy muscles use to work and build. As such, when supplementing with creatine, you are providing your body with more of the necessary compounds needed to … read more