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What is Nitrosigine ?

What is Nitrosigine ?

Posted by MRI Performance on Jul 19th 2019

Most everyone from beginner to advanced knows there is a positive correlation between Nitric Oxide and training results. It is associated with pump and fullness and vascularity. 

But what knowing what ingredients produce the best results is key to success. Nitrosigine is one of those ingredients.

What is Nitrosigine?

To understand nitrosigine, you must first understand arginine. Arginine is an amino acid that is a precursor to Nitric Oxide (NO). This means it is necessary to actually create NO.

Nitric oxide expands the blood vessels and helps improve blood flow, nutrient delivery and provides that vascular pump during training*.

While arginine can help increase NO production, Nitrosigine is a patented complex of silcon and bonded arginine which can increase NO production more than arginine.

It can also produce it more than agmatine sulfate, citrulline, arginine akg and l-arginine and citrulline malate*.

Here's why:

Nitrosigine’s patented complex of silicon and bonded arginine is scientifically proven to boost NO life in the body by up to six hours.

19 studies support its ability to help improve performance, increase blood flow and enhance focus and energy.

“In an in vitro study, Nitrosigine significantly increased nitric oxide (NO) production over each ingredient tested: Arginine AKG, Agmatine Sulfate, Citrulline Malate, L-Arginine, and Citrulline. Nitrosigine is an advanced ingredient with FDA New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) notification status and is affirmed as Generally Recognized as Safe.4 You are putting in the work to reach your goals. Nitrosigine is formulated to help you get there safely.” –Nitrosigine

Increased Blood Flow = Increased Nutrient Delivery During Training

You want to make NO and you want it to stick around longer for better results. The more NO you produce, the longer your blood vessels are relaxed, the more blood flow to your muscles which can improve your training results.

That is why every scoop of MRI Performance NO2 Black contains 750 mg of Nitrosigine to help you crush your goals.

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