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What is Hydromax?

What is Hydromax?

Posted by MRI Performance on Apr 20th 2020

Glycerol is a popular athletic supplement known for its ability hydrate athletes, increase endurance and provide that swell bodybuilders seek.

Glycerol is a natural water attracting molecule. Some people use it for a laxative to draw water into the gut. Others use it for weight loss, skin hydration, training performance, eye pressure reduction and more.

Glycerol is natural and most commonly helps draw in water, or helps other molecules draw in water.

Glycerol itself is a syrup like fluid that can increase the concentration of fluids, and can help store fatty acids in the body through bonding.

Glycerol and Performance

Glycerol is popular in sports nutrition for its pump inducing ability. Given that it is a water-attracting molecule, athletes use this with the aim to attract water into muscles to garner fullness in muscle cells.

The problem athletes have run into is the instability of glycerol in its natural form, with stability only achieved in a lower yielding formula.

HYDROMAX® is the industry’s first highly concentrated yet stable form of powdered glycerol offering next-level hydration in a uniquely optimized blend of glycerol and silica, HydroMax® is like glycerol-plus.”

HydroMax delivers the benefits of glycerol in a powdered form but in a stable form. Unlike regular glycerol with a 5-12% yield, HydroMax provides a 65% yield. Source

Studies show HydroMax is more effective at increasing endurance, hydration and pump.

After researching available glycerol forms, Hydromax makes the most sense. Get more glycerol per serving to help improve training results.

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