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What is Agmatine

Posted by MRI Performance on Mar 4th 2020

You may have seen this ingredient in your pre-workout or NO supplements, so its fair to assume it’s an effective sports nutrition ingredient, but what is agmatine, exactly?

What is Agmatine?

Agmatine is naturally produced by the body. It is derived from L-arginine through decarboxylation and is stored in neurons. It is often used to shield your brain from toxins and strokes, and helps protect against pain and depression.

Because of its stored location in the brain, agmatine may enhance focus, cognition, performance and mood.

Agmatine Increases the Life of Nitric Oxide in the Body

Aside from the mental benefits, agmatine is most well-known for its ability to prolong nitric oxide in the body. Agmatine blocks the synthase NOS that breaks down NO. This means when your body produces more NO, naturally or through supplementation, Agmatine will help prolong the pumps and benefits associated with NO.

Agmatine Can Help Build Muscle

Agmatine releases the luteinizing hormone LH which in turn, can increase testosterone levels in the body. Increased testosterone levels can help you build more muscle while training.

Agmatine Can Improve Mood and Reduce Stress

Agmatine can also help enhance endurance as it reduces pain perception by blocking pain receptors. It can also enhance mood as it increases antioxidant protectors in the brain while protecting it from damaging high levels of cortisol.

As such, athletes can expect to have increases in NO life and training, reduced pain, the ability to build more muscle while maintaining focus.

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