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Performance is all about forward momentum. It’s about continuously setting, achieving and surpassing goals. It’s about beating your personal best and surpassing your own expectations, each and every time you train. Bottom line – your training performance with every workout determines whether you stagnate or experience consistent improvement.

This stack is all about supporting maximum performance in the gym and on the field.


CE2 HI-DEF delivers a flood of fast-absorbing ester creatine to power working muscles. Additionally, the THERMO-RK helps to break down and release intracellular fat to be utilized for performance fuel. CE2 HI-DEF incorporates a precisely calculated dose of Beta Alanine, a powerful nutrient widely associated with supporting muscle endurance. When combined with creatine, like with CE2 HI-DEF, the muscle-generating potential of Beta Alanine may be amplified.


The powerful nutrients in Black Powder were carefully selected to “light up” performance specific metabolic targets. The end result – a performance enhancing, intensity provoking “cellular explosion” of training support driven by ACTINOS2 IR technology. ACTINOS2 IR launches an “instant blast” of nitric oxide that reaches levels of 950% over baseline! In a flash, blood channels “hyper-dilate” – driving a precision nutrient matrix to your muscle cells to quickly power your performance.


Pro-NOS is the perfect descriptor for this virtual powerhouse of NOS-fueled protein. By ingeniously incorporating the ACTINOS whey fraction, the Pro-NOS formula was engineered to increase nitric oxide levels by 950%. Each Pro-NOS shake ignites a flood of circulation that helps to deliver core amino acids to growing muscle. Pro-NOS represents the upper echelon of performance protein technology. This is pure performance “food” in a jug.

Performance Tips

Tip: Give your body a fighting chance to perform; never skip meals. Start each day by priming your anabolic mechanisms with a body-fueling breakfast loaded with premium proteins and carbohydrates. Consume 4 – 6 meals throughout the day to maintain a flow of energizing nutrients. Use Black Powder 30 minutes prior to a workout to flood the body with performance-fueling power. Consume a Pro-NOS shake within 60 minutes post-performance to help “jump start” recovery.

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