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Achieving peak endurance fitness requires highly specialized and demanding training protocols. Each training session “hones” the mind and body to endure longer and longer bouts of grueling performance. The payoff is the ability for an athlete to push through fatigue and pain to outpace and outlast their competition. However, this highly specialized endeavor demands and equally specialized supplement regimen. This premium line-up was expressly selected to promoting extended endurance capacity and hyper-accelerated recovery.


NO2 BLACK drives endurance and training performance through the power of AAKG, ACTINOS2 and pHylex9. The combined effects of these compounds fuel muscle-pumping nitric oxide to 950% over baseline for an extended period of time. The prolonged hemodilation sustained by NO2 BLACK helps to “feed” muscles for the “long haul” of endurance training sessions.

WAR Workout Anabolic Recovery

WAR Workout Anabolic Recovery aggressively targets cellular Heat Shock Proteins to support recovery from the “inside – out.” To fuel optimal training performance, WAR unleashes the Crea-Charge and Waxy Maize blends. Crea-Charge delivers two forms of creatine to help ramp up burst power output while Waxy Maize supplies a super-efficient source of training fuel.


The Pro-NOS formula was engineered to increase nitric oxide levels by 950%. Each Pro-NOS shake ignites a flood of circulation that helps to deliver core amino acids to growing muscle. Pro-NOS represents the upper echelon of performance protein technology. This is premium post endurance “food” in a jug.


Tip: Extended bouts of endurance activity can be intensely stressful on the body. As an endurance event unfolds, the body is subjected to increasingly greater levels of catabolism and muscle wasting. Use the power of Heat Shock Activation Technology in WAR Workout Anabolic Recovery to engage your body’s cell repairing “factories” from the very moment damage begins! Use a serving of WAR mid-workout/event to recharge energy systems and launch HSPs into action to counter the ravages of extended endurance exercise.

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