Strength. Performance. Endurance.

Luc Bondole


D.O.B: 7-2-82
Birthplace: Republic Of Congo
Height: 6′ 2″
Weight: 185
Amateur Mixed Martial Artist
Record: 3-0

On August 14th 1985, Miami Florida welcomed a new member of the Alvarez Family, the first son by the name of Osvaldo Alvarez.

On July 2nd 1982, the Republic of Congo welcomed a new member of the Bondole family, a second son by the name of Luca Cecile Mboyo Bondole. Soon after his birth, Luc and his family moved to Kenya, where he spent his childhood until the age of ten. Being the third of four children, Luc spent his energy following his older siblings and balancing the job of helping his mother with his younger sister. In 1993, Anita Bondole came to the United States with four children, no savings, no support, and no job. One thing Luc’s mother did have however, was a drive to give her children as many opportunities as possible. Within eighteen years spent in Portland, Maine, Luc and his siblings are everyday finding new ways to prove to their mother that she made the right choice.

As an adolescent, Luc found that such sports as basketball, soccer, and track became a perfect distraction from getting into trouble. He also proved to be impressive at all four of these activities. However, an opportunity to practice martial arts remained, for financial reasons, a dream to only drive him. In 2004 Luc enlisted in the U.S. Army. In 2009 Luc spent one year in Afghanistan, sacrificing his personal life to support our country. Upon returning from overseas he jumped into his car, and drove as far away from the East Coast weather as he possibly could. He soon found himself in Huntington Beach.

Encouraged by a good friend he and Luc began practicing MMA in a small room located in the back of a children’s gymnastics studio. In November of 2010 Luc joined HB Ultimate Training center a premier MMA gym of Southern California. Although Luc is still in school he makes time to train twice a day at least five days a week. Owner of the HBUTC Tiki Ghosn considers Luc to be a sponge and has ask Luc to join several training sessions with the likes of Quinton Jackson, Cheick Kongo, Michael Bisbing, Rob McCullough, and other big names in the UFC.

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