E02 VMAXE02 VMax

MRI EO2 VMAX™ features key ingredients and technologies, backed by emerging scientific research, to support what endurance athletes want most:

• Improved Oxygen Utilization (VO2 Max)*‡
• Helps maintain Optimal Circulation*
• ATP Energy Production*
• Improved Stamina & Endurance*‡
• Stress Adaptation/Anti-Fatigue*
• Antioxidant Defense*
• Immune Strengthening*

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E02 EDGEE02 Edge Cola

Endurance athletes are a unique breed – they thrive in a training zone few dare to enter. Enter MRI EO2 EDGE™ – a breakthrough formula that meets 6 critical factors of endurance head on. The advanced, research backed EO2 EDGE formula incorporates ingredients that may help support:*

• Efficient Fuel for Active Muscles*
• Optimal Blood Flow*
• Natural RBC Support for Peak O2 Availability*
• Muscle Recovery from Training Induced Stress*
• Optimal Muscle Contractions and Increased Time to Exhaustion*
• Restoration of Body-Hydrating Fluids*

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Charles Fuller

Meet MRI Athlete Charles Fuller, Body Builder. Meet Charles