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Charles Fuller’s Number 1 Pre-Competition Priority

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Charles FullerWith the Arnold Classic next week, I’ve frequently been asked, “What is your number 1 priority when getting ready to compete?”

My number 1 priority when preparing for a show is to step on stage as lean as possible without sacrificing muscle.

This is very challenging due to many factors.  Genetics, nutrition, activity level, stress, etc. can all affect the outcome of your prep.

I’ve always been able to show up in shape for a show but hanging onto muscle fullness and size has always been a difficult challenge for me. 

After several years, I can tell you what lifting, cardio and supplement regimen works best for me.


During the final weeks before a show, I do continue to lift hard and heavy in the gym. This is great for keeping the muscles full and dense, but I am mindful lifting because in the weeks leading up to a contest, the risk of injury increases due to lower body fat levels.


Do I hit the treadmill? No, however I specifically incorporate cardio into my workouts.  For example, I combine my supersets with short rest times to keep my heart rate up.  Cardio on the treadmill or stairmaster is a great way to shed fat, but can be a very risky in losing that hard earned muscle we gained in the off season.  I personally rely on my diet to do most of the work.


With the help of supplements I’m able to perform better in the gym and also aid in recovery. Here’s what my supplement regimen looks like before a contest:



  • BCAA Plus  (crucial to hanging onto muscle during contest prep)


This is what works well for me, leave a comment below to tell me what works well for you!

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