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Which formula is best for my fitness goal?


By Daniel Rocha  MRI / NPC National Athlete The Arnold came and went and all it did was reignite the fire that needs to burn strong as I head into the 2012 season and go for that coveted IFBB Pro card. I came home, slept a full day, no joke I was exhausted.  But while […]

nick b

Today, we spoke with Nick Bolton, a firefighter in the city of Lunexa, Kansas, for just over two years, about how MRI helps him on a daily basis when he is out on duty fighting fires. Nick became a personal trainer about twelve years ago and then, subsequently, also got into fitness competitions. Then, three […]


I have many goals to achieve in this sport, one has definitely been to attend and be part of the Arnold Classic.  This dream has come true and will be fulfilled with me at the MRI Booth (545-547) at this year’s Arnold Classic. The best bodies in the world will be in Columbus, showing off […]


MRI-sponsored Mixed Martial Artist, Luc Bondole, is preparing for his upcoming fight, this Saturday, February 25th, 2012. This is a re-match of a fight he previously won and Luc and he has changed his preparation technique by adding in MRI Black Powder and Pro-NOS.   Luc starts his morning by attending a martial arts, cardio-based […]


MRI-sponsored athlete, Charles Fuller, is on his way to Columbus, Ohio in two weeks for The Arnold Classic. We spoke with him today about how he prepares for such a big bodybuilding event. To prepare for The Arnold Classic, Charles starts by ridding his diet of burgers and pizza. He doesn’t get too out of […]


The Arnold Classic is only two weeks away so we spoke with MRI-sponsored athlete, Kyle Clarke, to discuss his preparation regiment leading up to the event. MRI asked Kyle to bulk up for The Arnold Classic, so he added MRI RED CREA7INE into his daily routine of supplements. RED CREA7INE targets four key factors of […]

Is it hard for you to get so lean for competition?

I stay fairly close to competition shape year round. This makes the shredding process much easier during contest prep. Also, the slower you work to cut off fat the easier it is to hang on to the muscle you gained during the off-season.

What is your definition of “Natural Bodybuilder”?

There are several organizations that have their own definition of “drug free”. My personal definition means, no steroids, pro-hormones, synthetic cutting agents, etc. I am a lifetime drug free athlete and proud of the gains I have made.

There are many workout programs out there.  In your opinion, which one is the best?

Yes, there are excellent workout programs available but I personally feel that there really isn’t a magic or “best” one. Your body will eventually adapt to whatever program you choose so I believe in muscle confusion and constantly changing routines.

Charles Fuller

Meet MRI Athlete Charles Fuller, Body Builder. Meet Charles