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What are you doing to bulk up for the Arnold?

The Arnold Classic is only two weeks away so we spoke with MRI-sponsored athlete, Kyle Clarke, to discuss his preparation regiment leading up to the event.

MRI asked Kyle to bulk up for The Arnold Classic, so he added MRI RED CREA7INE into his daily routine of supplements. RED CREA7INE targets four key factors of athletic prowess — recovery, anabolism, muscle power, and performance. He claims this creatine doesn’t make him bloat like others do, so he feels confident taking it up until a few days before the show. He is still taking NO2 RED morning and afternoon for vascularity and muscle repair/ muscle hardness. Before each workout, he takes Black Powder for strength, size, and focus, and RED CREA7INE for power and recovery. After his workout, he takes RED CREA7INE again, and shortly follows with a 52g Pro-NOS protein shake.

After The Arnold, Kyle slims back down for acting roles by raising the reps and lowering the weights in the gym. He also spends more time outdoors, focusing on sports, stadium stairs, and hiking Runyon canyon. He takes RED CREA7INE out of his regiment, but continues taking NO2 RED, Black Powder, and Pro-NOS to supplement his workouts.

Charles Fuller

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