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Road to the 2012 USA

By Daniel Rocha  MRI / NPC National Athlete
The Arnold came and went and all it did was reignite the fire that needs to burn strong as I head into the 2012 season and go for that coveted IFBB Pro card.
I came home, slept a full day, no joke I was exhausted.  But while on my flights back, I set aside my game plan.  I had already spoken to my coach about the strategy with my nutrition and pulled out my old notes regarding training routines and techniques so that I can improve certain body parts, allowing myself to still grow into the show.
MRI supplements have been a huge help with recovery and growth.  Right away I implemented Red Repair so that I can sleep much better and wake up refreshed.  My mornings begin with early morning cardio on an empty stomach.  So before I hit the cardio deck,  I put on my waist trimmer, take Red Shred and have a cup of coffee.
Cardio done and its time down my NO2 Red, have my first meal and get out the door.  Gym time comes with 2 full meals in me.  I serve up my Hemo Surge pre training and attack the weights.  Post training I have a serving of crea7ine so that my body begins the healing process and I get full muscle recovery.  The gauntlet is up next, damn that things kills ya
My nutrition is carefully planned and it includes 6 whole meals and one post training shake, 2 scoops Pro-NOS.  Daily nutrition is a must if I am to bring in the best package ever.  My day ends with some emails and articles to write.  But before my head hits the pillow, I take another serving of NO2 Red and Red Repair.
3am comes very quickly so good rest is important.  I never complain at what I must do, I simply just get it done.  This journey has an end point and already I see myself holding that first place spot, earning my IFBB Pro card, and giving thanks to MRI for all the support they have given me.
Let the fun begin.

Charles Fuller

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