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Nick Bolton: Personal Trainer & Firefighter

Today, we spoke with Nick Bolton, a firefighter in the city of Lunexa, Kansas, for just over two years, about how MRI helps him on a daily basis when he is out on duty fighting fires.

Nick became a personal trainer about twelve years ago and then, subsequently, also got into fitness competitions. Then, three years ago, he decided to attend fire academy and become a firefighter because, along with other reasons, he was looking for the team-building mentality that comes along with the job. Although he now works at the fire house, he still competes and trains, and also gives the firefighters and gives them tips and trains with them.

Because firefighters don’t get regular meals and have to be ready in a moment’s notice, Nick keeps PRO-NOS protein shakes ready to go on the truck He also keeps Black Powder and NO2 Black on the truck as well. He told us, “once you’ve been on a call for 8-9 hours you need to keep yourself together nutrition-wise, so these are helpful” and he has also has started getting the other guys to use MRI supplements for this reason as well.

Nick has been trying to use the supplements exactly as MRI recommends you to on the bottles. He reads it straight from the labels and takes the supplements every day whether he works out or not. The only exception to this is Black Powder, which he does not take on days he doesn’t work out.

Do you use MRI supplements in your daily life in order to save lives, fight fires, or just live a healthier life? We want to hear and share your story.

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