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How Charles Fuller is preparing for The Arnold!

MRI-sponsored athlete, Charles Fuller, is on his way to Columbus, Ohio in two weeks for The Arnold Classic. We spoke with him today about how he prepares for such a big bodybuilding event.

To prepare for The Arnold Classic, Charles starts by ridding his diet of burgers and pizza. He doesn’t get too out of control in the off-season, but for the next couple weeks, he has switched from Black Powder to NO2 Rip Cuts to look a bit leaner.  NO2 Rip Cuts has more thermogenic properties and makes him sweat more, which basically means it strips off water weight better than Black Powder.

Charles takes NO2 Rip Cuts pre-workout.  It gives him the energy for his workout, but forces his body to use fat for fuel. He told us it is recommended to take NO2 Rip Cuts within 30 minutes of your workout, and he literally takes his last sip right before the workout and starts going to town.

While some athletes try to bulk up for The Arnold, Charles is trying to lean down to present more of a wow-factor. and show more definition in his body. Charles said he doesn’t like to have abs for The Arnold, he likes to have RIDICULOUS abs.

Charles Fuller

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