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Daniel Rocha is Arnold Bound…

I have many goals to achieve in this sport, one has definitely been to attend and be part of the Arnold Classic.  This dream has come true and will be fulfilled with me at the MRI Booth (545-547) at this year’s Arnold Classic. The best bodies in the world will be in Columbus, showing off their hard work and dedication to this sport.  I am no different.  Now with MRI and the new Red Stack, my best condition is yet to come.


My days start early, 3am… and I waste no time, NO2 Red with Red Shred.  Shelby Starnes is doing my prep for the USA, so he wanted to bring me as close to contest condition as possible in such short time.  My carbs have been very low, practically zero.  So to keep me from going flat the NO2 Red has allowed my muscles to stay blood engorged, allowing me to look thick and full while dieting.  The Red Shred has kept my energy and focus on point and I don’t have any energy dumps.

Even though carbs can be low, you don’t want to slack on your training.  It has to be intense and with a purpose.  This is not the time to break records but at the same time not to bow out like school girl.  So before every training session I take down my NO2 Red Hemo Surge.  My pumps are killer with vascularity popping like a road map.  Yup that’s right… density as well!


Post Training … its time to feed the machine and get it back into an anabolic environment.  The only way to achieve this is to eat… so immediately after my last set, I have a huge MRI Pro-NOS shake.


Now here is the best part because people think that once the gym is done… the day is done.  Well in bodybuilding,  its how well you rest that will determine how much muscle you put on.  Sleep is just as important to muscle growth as food itself.  MRI sets a new standard and cures it all.  I take the new Red Repair with another dose of NO2 Red.  My stress hormones drop, growth hormone levels increase and my body is primed for a good nights rest.  That’s right new muscle on its way…


So as the Arnold approaches, my physique is hitting a new high.  New muscle, ultra ripped and a refreshed look.  This is my journey to the Arnold … thanks to MRI, it will be an even better one to remember.  Hope to see you all there.

Charles Fuller

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