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5 Ways to Succeed This Year

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Now that you have momentum from your New Year’s Resolution, it’s important to keep moving forward. Remember, we are only one week in and there are 51 more weeks left in the year, so your program needs to last.

Here are 5 key points to keep in mind when setting your goals up for the year to come.

1. Set short term goals. Set short term goals to help you stay focused year-round. If the goal is too distant, then it is easier to be distracted and lose sight of your goal.

2. Be held accountable. Telling someone else your goal will hold you accountable. Be sure the person who knows about your goal is willing to keep you in-check. This accountability will come in handy when the workout routine gets difficult.

3. Challenge yourself. As you progress through the year and the workout becomes easier, you need to be sure to push yourself. In order to see your body change, you must first challenge yourself. You get out what you put in, so dial it up and focus.

4. Change it up. By definition, a “routine” can be very boring. Your body will adapt to the stress of exercise if you keep doing things the same too long. This is the point at which you’ll plateau. To overcome the plateau, you need to change things up – give the body something to further adapt to. This continual adaption process is revealed in your progress. Here are some factors you can change in your workouts to jump-start your progress:

  • Increase weight
  • Increase repetitions
  • Slow down tempo (slow down how fast you move the weight)
  • Limit rest periods

5. Fuel your workouts. Constant progress needs to be fueled with clean nutrition and proper supplementation. This will help you train longer and harder, making bigger steps toward your ultimate goal. Here are a basic supplement stack that keeps me going year-round:

MRI Pro Nos Whey Protein


MRI NO2 Black Full Cycle










These tips are by MRI Pro Athlete Nick Bolton. Leave a comment below to tell us what strategies you use to meet your fitness goals.

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