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January 2015

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Charles Fuller

I was recently asked if double stimulation training is an effective way to increase mass during a plateau and my answer is: it depends.   Double stimulation training is a unique way to shock your muscles for growth.Double stimulation training involves working the same muscle group two days in a row and delays protein synthesis. […]

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MRI Pro Athlete Charles Fuller

The recommended daily protein intake for one person can depend on several factors.  A few factors are activity level, age, muscle mass, fitness goals, etc.  However, for an athlete seeking to build or maintain muscle mass cramming in all the necessary protein for the day can be very challenging. Here are 4 quick tips to […]

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MRI NO2 Black Full Cycle

Now that you have momentum from your New Year’s Resolution, it’s important to keep moving forward. Remember, we are only one week in and there are 51 more weeks left in the year, so your program needs to last. Here are 5 key points to keep in mind when setting your goals up for the […]

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Charles Fuller

Meet MRI Athlete Charles Fuller, Body Builder. Meet Charles